Are you finding a challenge with digital marketing? Or do you find it hard to grow your business? It is not all lost! You can still drive traffic to your company and boost up sales through your targeted audience. Therefore, if you have a business or intending to have one, then think about engaging in digital marketing to attract more customers. 

The online space is getting saturated every other day with online ad capabilities. These ads have made it possible and more comfortable to target customers around you and teach them about business. As a business person, you, therefore, need to target those strategies that can help skyrocket your business through digital marketing. 

Billy Batt The ‘Bronco’

Billy Batt is an Entrepreneur, podcast host, chief marketing officer at Pro-Choice Network – Contractor Hub- and soon to be an author.  His agency helps businesses stand out from the crowd and succeed with innovative ideas and services. This agency is result-oriented, with bulletproof marketing and innovative strategies in digital marketing. Besides, Billy is also a lead generation strategist, and the founder of Chrome Leads. Billy is also the vice president at the property broncos as well as the co-founder of Raze Capital.

Billy has worked with Real Estate Professionals and Contractors, helping them accelerate their business sales and marketing systems. He has achieved success in commercial/residential roofing, coaching, kitchen/bath remodeling, rent to own, and investors, among other fields. He has used various marketing techniques with a signature process to skyrocket conversions. Here are some of the tips you can use to generate leads with digital marketing. 

#1: Email Marketing & Cold Dm Social Marketing 

Every day more than 90 billion business emails are sent. Therefore, email marketing beholds a high potential of grabbing your potential client’s attention. And guess what? It is also cheaper than other strategies with rewarding returns. 

Therefore, selecting the right marketing software should be your #1 choice in scaling up your business through digital marketing. Email marketing will help you achieve brand recognition, connect to your target market, expand your network, and attract new opportunities. 

#2: Web/Landing Page Optimization

Your website is your primary source of driving traffic, and therefore you have to check whether it is functioning correctly or not. Since marketers’ number one priority is always to convert leads to customers, it would help if you checked your website loading errors, lousy user interface, and lagging speed, which may drive traffic away. 

How can you optimize your webpage?

  • Adding forms to the pages receiving most traffic like email marketing, social media, live chats, and blog posts. 
  • Measure and keep track of each generator’s performance. 
  • Optimize every step in the lead generation process or procedure. 

#3: Optimize Your Socials & Connect

One of the biggest recommendations we give our clients is making your profiles professional and connecting with at least 30-50 people a day. This has an amazing compound effect for building referrals and finding leads organically online. Take pictures of your work and post testimonials as much as you can. This here alone will build massive amounts of trust with the people in your online circle If you have any questions or want to talk to someone on his team book here! 

#4: Leverage Paid Social

Social media is a powerful and useful tool for lead generation. You, therefore, need to invest your time and build an engaged audience that you can convert into leads. Therefore, figure out which tool is useful for your business. Running ads on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram can be a great idea. These platforms, among others, will help you drive traffic and acquire leads.

 You can also use lead ads for remarketing campaigns. This action is recommended because your website visitors can have a look at the ad, and you can take advantage of this opportunity and provide an incentive to send them back to your sales funnel. 

If you want your business to have a new look, connect today to Billy and scale the ladder of success through digital marketing. Billy Batt is a specialist in social management, website creation, email marketing and retargeting, social media marketing, Facebook and Instagram advertising, customer generation, and customer acquisition. 

If you’d like to speak with him or someone on his team book here! Here’s our free training on this topic.